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We strive to breed and raise the healthiest sport fish in the Midwest. Our team of dedicated fishermen and biologists work all hours of the day and night to ensure your sport fish are thriving.


We service our customers by providing the following species (when available) of sport fish.

To learn more about a specific species, click the image!

All prices quoted are for retail pick-up. For Retail Distributor, Wholesale Distributor, or State & Federal Department pricing, please visit

black bullhead (x2).jpeg

Black Bullhead


Grass Carp


Rainbow Trout

black crappie.jpg

Black Crappie

Largemouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass


Pure-strain Muskie

striped bass.jpg

Striped Bass

channel catfish.jpg

Channel Catfish

Tiger Muskie


coho salmon.jpg

Coho Salmon

Northern Pike

Yellow Perch

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